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Help Provide a Child with Life-Changing Surgery


9 year old ILP patient, Bijou at the airport with her father and ILP's Arlette getting on a plane to Bukavu for a life threatening emergency surgery


Bijou at our clinic in Kisingani after her life saving surgury

Bijou from Kisingani was healed thanks to generous people like you. However, there are millions of women and children like Bijou who are still suffering. A single surgery costs only $200 on average. Your tax-deductible donation can transform a child's life forever.

Any amount can be arranged!


Donations can also be made at any Regions Bank to the Ida Lee Project!

Breast and Cervical Cancers are epidemic in the DRC.


For $150, a lifesaving surgery can be given to a woman in need!


The Ida Lee Project is a foundation that seeks to bring general healthcare to all who walk through our doors.

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