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Columbia University - New York


The Ida lee project has joined forces with Drs. Mary Beth Terry and Jasmine McDonald from the Epidemiology Department at Columbia University. Their research will determine if pollution is a cause for the increase of breast cancers in Congolese women.

HPV vaccine

The Ida Lee Project is now leading the way, working with the WHO DRC to introduce the HPV vaccine to the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are preparing the protocol and providing the serotypes of HPV strains from our research for the GAVI application.


Dr. Denis Mukwege and The Ida Lee Project are preparing to offer a holistic approach to women’s healthcare in Kisangani based on his ‘one stop’ clinics that are already open to patients in Congo.

City of Joy

Under the direction of Christine Schuler Deschryver, The Ida Lee Project will become a satellite center of V-day’s City of Joy. This will provide women and girls the opportunity to seek help following sexual trauma before being sent to Bukavu for their 6-month program. This program teaches the women how to take care of themselves, learn new skills and heal emotionally.

Period Poverty Campaign

Let's help end Period Poverty for females in need. It's a bigger issue than just affordable access to pads and period underwear. It's more than just a lack of access to affordable pads and period underwear. It's about families who are unable to afford basic menstrual hygiene products, which can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Missing school

  • Increased risk of infection

  • Social isolation

  • Shame and stigma

Under the direction of Dr. Ravona Martin, The Ida Lee Project is committed to ending  period poverty.

We continue to receive offers to assist other organizations in their work


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